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Service Description

THIS CLASS WILL BE A TWO DAY CLASS. THE LECTURE PORTION OF CLASS WILL BE HELD VIA ZOOM SATURDAY 6/29/24 & THE HANDS ON TRAINING PORTION AND LIVE RANGE QUALIFICATION WILL BE SUNDAY 6/30/24 AT THE SPECIFIED LOCATION. THIS CLASS IS A COMBINED CLASS (HQL & CARRY PERMIT). HQL IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THIS COURSE. In the State of Maryland one must have a “Wear and Carry Permit” in order to carry a concealed firearm. This class will consist of in-class training and live range training. Each student must pass an in-class quiz and qualify at the range with 25 rounds at 70% accuracy in order to become an application candidate. -This course is a two day class (16 hours). Day 1 will include lecture. Day 2 will include in-class training and live range qualification. - Fingerprinting is required in order to submit your applications. Once you register, our designated fingerprinting professional will reach out to you directly. - This course will include refreshments for each student, firearms, ammo, ear & eye protection. However, ear & eye protection will need to be returned at the completion of class or additional fees may apply. Bringing your own ear & eye protection is optional. -YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN $25 RANGE FEE FOR RANGE QUALIFICATION. - You MUST come to class dressed in proper range attire (closed toe shoes, jeans/pants to cover your entire legs, no low necklines shirts, no loose clothing, no long nails). - You may NOT bring your own firearm to class. However, you can bring your own firearm to the range but you MUST provide your own ammo. - THIS CLASS IS FOR MARYLAND WEAR & CARRY PERMIT ONLY -During class there will be pictures and videos taken for social media and marketing purposes. - NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. It's your responsibility to ensure you are a candidate for class by contacting the licensing division. You cannot be a Felon. -You MUST read all FAQ facts & full class description before registering for this class. By registering for class you agree to ALL terms.

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