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  • What is the difference between HQL and Wear & Carry class?

HQL is required to purchase, rent or transfer a firearm. Wear and Carry is required to carry a concealed firearm in public places that aren't prohibited.

  • Do I still need an HQL to obtain a firearm in Maryland?

As of right now, yes. Until there is a mandate regarding the new law changes for HQL, it is still required to obtain an HQL until further notice.

  • How long are classes?

HQL class is 4 hours long with range included in same day. Concealed Carry class is 16 hours and is a 2-day class. The first day will include lecture and the second day is in-class training & live range qualification.​

  • I have a medical cannabis card can I take HQL and Wear & Carry?

No, it's not legal to own, possess, or purchase a gun if you are a medical cannabis patient. You cannot use a controlled substance and possess a firearm per the Gun Control Act of 1968.

  • Do you offer group training?

Yes, shoot us an email with all the details and we will organize a group session.

  • After taking the carry class what state(s) will I be able to get licensed in?

      Maryland only

  • How much is renewal?

Wear & Carry Renewal - $200

  • How long is HQL license good for?

10 years.

  • Can I take HQL or Wear & Carry if I'm a felon or have a criminal background?

No, you may not. You will most likely get in more legal trouble.

  • Im concerned about my criminal background or immigration status in the United States.

It is 100% your responsibility to ensure that you are a candidate for TQS classes BEFORE registering. For any questions or concerns regarding your criminal background or immigration status, you will need to contact the Maryland State Police Licensing Division directly at (410)-653-4500. You are REQUIRED to read all FAQ, full description of class and terms before registering. There will be NO REFUNDS issued under any circumstance or for lack of due diligence. 

  • Do I need insurance once I purchase a firearm?

It's not required but I HIGHLY recommend that you get coverage to protect yourself.

  • What qualifies me to be able to carry?

                                                                                       An applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years old (an applicant between 18 and 21 years of age may only be issued a wear and carry permit to possess a regulated firearm required for employment);

  • Be a citizen of the United States or legal resident alien;

  • Not have been convicted of a felony or of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than 1 year;

  • Not have been convicted of a violent crime, including domestic violence;

  • Not be subject to a restraining order or other similar court order;

  • Not have been committed within the previous 10 years to any juvenile detention center for longer than 1 year;

  • Not be a drug addict, habitual drunkard, an unlawful user of any controlled substance, or determined to be of unsound mind;

  • Not have a mental illness;

  • Not have received voluntary or involuntary treatment in a psychiatric hospital, mental institution, or similar treatment facility for any reason;

  • Not, based on the results of investigation, exhibit a propensity for violence or instability;

  • Not be a fugitive from justice;

  • Not have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces;

  • Not be subject to a firearms seizure order;

  • Show good cause as to why he or she needs a firearm; and

  • Meet federal law requirements.

  • What qualifies me to receive my HQL and Carry Permit?

If you're at least 21 years old, clean record, and not classified as mentally impaired. 

  • Do I have to get fingerprints?

Yes, once you register for class, our Designated Fingerprinting Professional will reach out to you directly to schedule a day and time for you to go get fingerprinted. The cost for fingerprints will be an additional $65. This price is NOT included in the price for the class. The forms of payment that will be accepted are EXACT cash only or credit/debit card. Once your fingerprints are complete, please take a picture of your receipt as you will need it to submit your application.

  • Can I bring my own firearm to class

You may NOT bring your own firearm to the classroom. However, you can bring your firearm to the range but you MUST provide your own ammo.

  • Do you offer one on one training at the range?

Yes, my rate is $200 per hour. Firearm & ear/eye protection will be provided. However, you will be responsible for your own ammo & range fee. 

  • What do I bring to class?

A pen and notebook to take notes, your ID, and an appetite for refreshments :)

  • Is there an age limit to carry?

Yes, you must be at least 21 years old to hold a wear and carry license. However, if you are under 21 years old (at least 18) you may only get licensed to carry for employment only.

  • Something came up and I can't make class, what do I do? Will I be able to get my money back?

Email Alexus Unfortunately Trigger Queen Solutions have a NO REFUND policy. However, you will be able to reschedule for a different day. Payments for No call/No shows will be forfeited at 100% and you will have to rebook with a new payment.

  • I registered for your class without reading and realized I don't qualify.

Trigger Queen Solutions has a NO REFUND policy. It is REQUIRED to read all terms in the description of every class as well as the FAQ. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you are a candidate for the class before registering. By registering for ALL classes you are agreeing to ALL terms. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. 

  • What are the exceptions to possession of the HQL license?

A licensed firearm manufacturer, active law enforcement officer or person retired in good standing from a law enforcement agency, active or retired members of the United States Armed Forces or National Guard and possesses valid military ID, Maryland licensed firearms dealers (Sole proprietors).

  • What Qualifies me to have the HQL but exempt from the training component?

Someone who completed firearms safety training course approved by the Secretary of the Department of MD State Police, has completed a course of instruction competency and safety firearms, is a qualified handgun instructor, is honorably discharged member of the armed forces or National Guard, is an employee of an armored permit issued by MSP, or already lawfully owns a regulated firearm.

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